Saturday, April 30, 2011

Casey Jones you better watch your speed

April 30
On this day in 1900 fabled railroad engineer Casey Jones lost his life when his train crashed into the back of another train while trying to make up time on the "Cannonball Run" in Mississippi. He was famous for never being late. Sometimes he would have to speed through towns faster than safety would dictate. But he would blow his whistle warning everyone that he was coming. But his luck would run out on this day. Jones lost control of his passenger train and through his heroic efforts was able to slow down the train from 75 mph to about 35 mph on impact resulting in only one death, his own.
On this day in 1976 Keith Moon paid 9 New York City cab drivers to block off the street below his hotel so he could throw the entire contents of his room out the window. Oh man! They don't make them like Keith anymore!
In 1970, Twiggs Lyon, the road manager of the Allman brothers band, stabbed a club manager to death in an argument over a contract. During his trial he pleaded temporary insanity. He claimed that touring with the Allman Brothers would drive anyone insane. He was acquitted.
Oh yeah, Hitler committed suicide on this day. I would have rather seen the Russians get their hands on him. That would have been pretty funny.

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