Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you cool, man?

April 20
So first of all I'm going to list the Columbine massacre as the event of the day. School shootings are a tragic event and this was the most ghastly until the Virginia Tech shooting. This came a year after I graduated high school, so I was removed a bit from the experience and fear of going to school and thinking about what those students in Colorado must have went through, but I remember watching the events unfold on television and thinking "not again!". My last day of high school was the day of the Thurston shooting. I had the same thought in my head, but having it happen in my home state brought it closer to home. But once again I didn't have to go to class and wonder if it could happen to me. I have since become friends with people who went the Thurston and survived the shooting there and have a great deal of respect for them.
 Also, way to go BP. How's that last year been for you? Hope you got your life back.
Next I have a bit of a rant to go on. I must start by saying I don't have a bone to pick with people who smoke pot. That is within their rights to do what they want. It's a social drug and typically those under its influence aren't violent and don't cause much of a stir. But why 420? Here is the link to the origins. Yawn! Not exactly a cool reason to have a day to smoke weed. What's that? You smoke weed every day? Then why have a day/time to celebrate it? Why have some stupid day that's Hitler's birthday. Why not have it on Bob Marley's birthday, or Jerry Garcia's? I guess I just don't "get it". My answer to the question "Are you cool, man?" would be "No." Instead of "Like, how?"


  1. All 420 is to me is 40 minutes 'til quittin' time.

  2. Well apparently it means more to some people than I thought. I apologize to anyone who may have been offended by my thoughts. I will concede to your way of thinking. I was wrong to have an opinion of my own and to put it on my blog.