Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have a nice tall glass of fail.

April 7
Today is the internet's symbolic birth date. Happy 42nd big guy! You don't look a day over 20! Thanks Al Gore! Eisenhower came up with his "Domino theory" in 1954. Keep fighting those commie bastards. Team America, fuck yeah! How'd that Vietnam thing work out? How bout Korea? Seems to me like the problems of the 50's (Cuba, Korea, nuclear weapons, communism) never got solved. Yet those are always regarded as  "simpler" time. A time of prosperous ideals and other nonsense. A time before the hippies and blacks decided to screw the country up. I'll take my 2011 United States over your 1950's United States any day. I saw Back to the Future. This is also a day of mixed emotions for one George Michael. On the one hand, Wham! was the first western pop performers in China back in 1986. Good choice guys! But on the other hand 12 years later he was busted in a public restroom for a "lewd" act. You're George frickin Michael. Use your money to sword fight random people at a gay night club or something. Not at a memorial park named after Will Rogers.

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