Monday, April 25, 2011 Robinson Crusoe, as primitive as can be.

April 25
Slim pickings again, I'm going Robinson Crusoe being published in 1719 as the highlight of this day in history. Why? Because I chose this book for a book report in high school and there really isn't much else that happened on this day. Guy gets shipwrecked, quotes the bible, rescues a random dude from cannibals, calls him Friday, they get found., the end. Bored. To. Tears. That's my synopsis.
The Hubble space telescope was also launched on this day in 1990. Lots of cool images from space because of that thing. Go humanity!
Yet another highlight was Courtney Love turning down $1,000,000 to pose nude in playboy. We are all better off because of it. Who would want naked pictures of Courtney Love anyway?

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  1. Not even a marooned man would want nude pix of Courtney. I'd take scurvy instead of naked pix of her.