Sunday, April 10, 2011

The little tramp

April 10

On this day in 1972, Charlie Chaplin accepted a lifetime achievement academy award. This is significant in that he was nearly blacklisted in the United States after being accused of having communist ties during the 1950's. Upon leaving this country he was quoted as saying, "I wouldn't go back there if Jesus Christ were president,". However, the times had changed during the early 70's and perhaps needing some closure to his career, and Chaplin returned to accept this award. Very much an icon for all times, some don't know that along with others such as Douglass Fairbanks, Chaplin helped start United Artists Studios.

On  the very same day that Chaplin walked on stage to accept his award, the United States Airforce started bombing North Vietnam with their B52. Might equals right!
Oh yeah, and the Beatles broke up on this day in 1970. The news was broken (no pun intended) with an interview of Paul McCartney by....Paul McCartney. Ego? Nah!

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