Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is that Bill Shakespeare over there? I can't tell.

April 23
William Shakespeare 1564-1616, way to die on your birthday! Yeah! His actual birthday is lost to history, all they know is he was baptized on the 26th of April, and it was customary to live your first 3 days on earth in sin, so it's assumed he was born on the 23rd. Fitting, for a guy who has been scrutinized over whether or not he wrote some of his greatest works. I think the Francis Bacon conspiracy is bunk, but you never know. Other than this joyous nugget there wasn't much else that happened on this day. Some guy named King Brian of Ireland was killed by Vikings in 1014. As a rule of thumb I do not often associate myself with Vikings. They are harbingers of death, have ghastly table manners, and generally smell really bad. They believe in this Valhalla thing and this Thor guy, I don't really get it. So it is clear to me that this King Brian guy should have chosen who he was hanging out with more wisely.

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