Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time is never on time

April 27
Johanness Kepler believed that the Universe was created on this day in 4977 B.C. Modern scientists believe in the big band theory, saying it was created some 13 billion years ago. I'll give Kepler the benefit of the doubt, seeing as the research had only begun to prove that the earth was not at the center of the universe. His work was highly influential to Sir Issac Newton, but his theory of the creation of the universe was flawed a bit. In my opinion, even if the math could be done to show the exact date and time the big bang theory occurred, I would say that was wrong also. I firmly believe that both time and space are infinite in both directions. There's a theory out there that states the Universe is expanding and at some point it will begin to collapse upon itself. Perhaps this has happened in the past. Who's to say that beyond the borders of our know universe that there isn't another universe, some day are we going to find a glass ceiling and proclaim "we have gone to the edge of the universe and it's a waterfall!".
Also on this day in 1865 the steamship Sultana, exploded on the Mississippi river, killing 1,547 people. Most of them were Civil War veterans and POW's returning home. When it left on its fateful journey the boat was overloaded with nearly 2,700 persons. The incredible part is that it was only built to hold about 350 people. Once again greed takes precidents over safety. Having men on board who wanted nothing more than to put the war behind them should also be taken into consideration, but at what point did the captain of the ship begin to think that enough is enough?

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