Sunday, May 1, 2011

May day! May day!

May 1st
On this day in 2002 former national basketball association player Jayson Williams was indicted on manslaughter charges stemming from a fatal shooting at his house. A drunken Williams was showing his guns off to his friends when he shot his chauffeur in the stomach. Instead of doing the right thing and calling the paramedics, Williams altered the crime scene to make it look like a suicide, and jumped into his swimming pool to clean himself off. I'm sure all suicidal limo drivers can't wait to get a wealthy client, get invited to see their guns and pick a shotgun out to shoot themselves in the stomach.
Also on this day was the U2 incident in 1960. Bono was caught masturbating in a, not that incident. This U2 incident involved a spy plane being shot down over Russia. The CIA spy plane was thought to fly to high to be shot down, and in the event that it was shot down it had a self destruct mechanism so as not to fall into enemy hands. President Eisenhower made an initial statement that a weather plane had crashed in Russia, but Nikita Krushchev was able to display pictures of a mostly intact plane and the captured pilot, Gary Powers. Oops!

8 years ago we were given this message too. Hmmm.

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