Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Louie Louie is dirty. The BAD kind of dirty.

May 17
On this day in 1965 the song "Louie Louie"  by Oregon's very own Kingsmen was investigated by the FBI for being obscene. It seems there are some men with very dirty little minds working for the government because I don't hear anything offensive when I hear that song. The results of the investigation were that the lyrics were "unintelligible".
On this day in 1954 the "Brown vs Board of Education" ruling by the Supreme Court ruled that "seperate but equal" was unconstitutional. Meaning that segregation of schools in the United States had to legally come to an end. It overruled the 1896 "Plessy vs Fergueson" ruling that said segregation was legal as long as long as there were equal schools in a region. Many states used this as an excuse to put African Americans in inferior schools and put them behind white children from the start.
On this day in 1945 the Memphis Belle completed it's 25th bombing run over Europe. The US Air Force had a rule in place that if a bomber crew completed 25 missions they were allowed to go home. Bombers were being shot down with such frequency that the odds against this were very large. A movie was made in 1990 about the final run of the plane.


  1. Wow, Rudy goes from what, 5th, 6th stringer? To bombing those Nazis in Memphis Belle, Rudy Rudy Rudy!

  2. Then he goes on to be Frodo's gay lover.