Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You're the guy from the hamburger train, right?

May 11th
On this day in 1969 the battle for Ap Bia Mountain occurred during the Vietnam "incident". (It was never a declared war kiddies, haven't had one of those since WWII). Also known as "hamburger hill" because of the high casualty rate. The US and South Vietnamese troops were trying to stop troop movements along the Ho Chi Mihn trail into Laos. Although a victory for the US, it gave the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) more resolve to resist.
Also on this day in 1997 the IBM computer Deep Blue beat Russian chess champion Gary Kasparov in a game of chess. This was the first time Kasparov lost a professional chess match and the first time a machine beat a grand master. Although Skynet becoming self aware at 2:14 am Eastern time on August 29th, 1997 was probably the biggest moment for computers in 1997, this would have to rank a solid #2.
On this day in 1981 Bob Marley lost his battle with lung cancer. Although the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton helped globalize reggae music by dabbling in it for a song or two, it was Bob Marley and only Bob Marley who should get credit for making a career out of it and bringing it to the masses. Those white boys were just pretending.
Finally on this day in 1963 the Beatles started a phenomenal 30 week run at the top of the charts with their album "Please Please Me". This just so happens to be the longest run at #1 by an album ever.

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  1. If Gomer Pyle (of Full Metal Jacket) made it to Viet Nam, Hamburger Hill would've been far worse than a jelly doughnut.

    I bet the machine that beat Gary Kasparov in chess looked just like a T-800. Those red eyes staring at him from inside that chrome skull, waiting for his next move. I too would've been flustered and would probably 'castle' too late and get my King pinnned.