Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oceans in between

May 21st
On this day in 1927 Charles Lindbergh touched down in Paris, France aboard the Spirit of St. Louis, completing the first non-stop transatlantic flight. It took him 33 hours to complete the journey, and he instantly became the most famous person in the world. His popularity only started to wane after the death of his son and subsequent move to Europe. He then had a few pro-Nazi sympathies which put the nail in his popularity coffin.
On this day in 1932 the feat was repeated by Amelia Earhart when she touched down in a field in Ireland. Unlike Lindbergh, Earhart was already before her flight, and her later disappearance solidified her legendary status.
On this day in 1901 Connecticut enacted the first speed limit at 12 mph in cities and 15mph on country roads. Watch your speed leadfoot! This is a neighborhood!


  1. I think I could run 12 mph!
    Officer: Where ya goin' so fast Pre-fon-taine!?
    Me: Uh, just training for a run

    Officer: I clocked you in at 13 mph, license and registration please.
    Me: I don't have it on me, I'm in sweats for cryin'--

    Officer: Hands over your head! You have the right--

  2. Lol,
    Why you runnin', boy? Where you think you're going? This sidewalks for normal walkin', not for fancy walkin'.