Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's see what kind of leftovers we have in the freezer.

July 22nd
On this day in 1991 serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is caught in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when his latest victim escaped and ran down the road in handcuffs. Dahmer would lure men into his apartment and kill them. He would then dismember the bodies, eat part of them, and keep the rest as souvenirs in an oil drum and his freezer.

On this day in 1934 John Dillinger is gunned down as he left a movie theater after becoming "Public Enemy #1". He, along with his gang, were famous for their daring bank robberies. J. Edgar Hoover made it a priority to catch him. In the end a brothel madam ended up turning him in. Ironically the movie he watched before his death was Manhattan Melodrama, a gangster film.

On this day in 1598 The Merchant of Venice is listed in stationers' register, which was the official way to publish any written works in England at the time. This was a means for the Crown to control everything that was officially written in England. This is also why much of Shakespeare's work was unauthorized while he was alive.

On this day in 1793 Alexander MacKenzie reached the Pacific Ocean, becoming the first European to cross the continent of North America by land. He was on a mission to find the fabled "Northwest Passage", which he never did find. His expedition laid the groundwork for Lewis and Clark a decade later. He also laid claim to the region for England.

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