Monday, July 25, 2011

Conception in a petrie dish!

July 25th
On this day in 1978 Louise Brown is born, becoming the first successful "test tube baby". Since then millions of babies have been born through in vitro fetilization. Although some women still are unable to get pregnant, this procedure helped out many others who had no other option. Now what to do with all the orphans?

On this day in 1965 Bob Dylan did the unthinkable and plugged in his guitar at the Newport Folk Festival. There were many reports that the crowd actually "boo'ed" Dylan, but apologists say they were unhappy with the sound system. Yeah right guys.

On this day in 1985 actor Rock Hudson announced to the world that he had contracted the AIDS virus. He was often portrayed as the stalwart leading man in many of his movies during the 50's and 60's. But in reality he was most likely gay. His plight brought AIDS to the forefront of the nation's attention.

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