Thursday, July 28, 2011

Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl harbor?

July 28th
On this day in 1943 one of the worst air raids occurred over Hamburg, Germany when British bombers continued Operation Gomorrah. The targets were purely the industrial districts of the city, but due to firefighting resources being exhausted from the previous nights bombings, and the hot summer weather, the fires began to spread. Winds began to kick up to nearly 100 mph from the fire. Almost the entire city was consumed and 43,000 people were killed and the term "Firestorm" entered the English vernacular.

On this day in 1868 the 14th amendment of the Constitution is ratified by the three-quarters ratio of states, giving African Americans citizenship. Because most of the southern states were not readmitted to the Union, the most racist parts of the country were circumvented from the vote. The Radical Reconstruction that occurred after the Civil War was able to accomplish some good things like this, yet it ultimately failed. The US government found out you can't force people to change their minds.

On this day in 1978 Animal House is released. Filmed on the campus of THE University of Oregon, the film ended up a box office success AND a cult phenomena. Fraternities across the country experienced an incline in popularity. Although it didn't launch the careers of any famous actors, it was able to solidify the status' of both John Belushi and Donald Sutherland.

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