Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm your huckleberry!

July 19th
On this day in 1879 famed gunslinger Doc Holliday kills his first victim after Mike Gordon decided to shoot up Holliday's saloon. Holliday only officially killed two men in his life, but garnered a reputation of being fearless. His only other confirmed kill came in the shootout at the OK corral. The following video portrays an event that never actually happened, but it's still awesome! It gives the quote from my blog on 14th of July some context.

On this day in 1553 15 year old Lady Jane Grey was deposed as Queen of England and Queen Mary was put on the throne after a backlash occurred. Grey was named heir after 15 year old King Edward VI died of tuberculosis, because she was a Protestant, and Mary, the rightful heir, was a Catholic. Oh those silly royals and their claims to the throne! Grey was executed for high treason for her efforts, despite not really wanted to be queen. More fallout from Henry VIII and his wish to marry and divorce whomever he pleased.

On this day in 1991 Mike Tyson raped Desiree Washington after a date. Tyson had just lost his heavy weight title the previous year, but was still a formidable boxer. Washington was a Miss Black America contestant. Tyson was famous for his attitude toward women, having his marriage end due to domestic violence, numerous claims of unwanted advances and crude comments. Tyson claimed the sex to be consensual, but he was found guilty and sentenced to six years in jail.

On a side note, the history channel site that I link at the top of my page claims the Rosetta Stone to be found on this day 1799, and I put that it was found on July 15th, 1799. I stand by my claim because my source says that was the case. The aforementioned source also says it was a report of the finding that was made on this day in 1799. So suck it.

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