Monday, July 11, 2011

I was I was in Tijuana, eating barbequed iguana!

July 11th

On this day in 1804 Alexander Hamilton is killed during a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr. Hamilton intended to throw his shot away and give Burr time to think before firing, but Burr actually shot first with his fatal blow. The duel was over a public insult that Hamilton gave to Burr during a dinner party. Given the chance to recant his statement, Hamilton refused. Hamilton's contemporary legacy, which was ruined by scandal, was saved by his death. He was martyred, that's why he's on the $10.00 bill. Burr's legacy was ruined, he's not on money.

On this day in 1889 Tijuana was founded. To celebrate the locals found a lady of ill repute and a donkey know!

On this day in 1914 a left-handed pitcher made his debut for the Boston Red Sox. His name was Babe Ruth. He went on to be the most famous baseball player of all time. He was actually a very accomplished pitcher, setting records that stood for 90 years. But it was his hitting that revolutionized the game and made it our national past time.

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  1. I'll be at Wrigley Field next month, where Babe 'called his shot' and of course, Steve Bartman, my fav. 'Cub'.