Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Disco demolition!!!!

July 12th
On this day in 1979 the Chicago White Sox held the promotion "Disco Demolition" in between games of a double header with the Detroit Tigers. Radio disc jockeys have done nothing for society, so it comes as no surprise they were behind this stunt. They thought it would be fun for fans to bring their unwanted disco records and have them blown up on the field. Fans became out of control after said demolition and stormed the field making fires of their own and tearing up everything. In the aftermath 9 people were injured, 39 were arrested and the White Sox forfeited the second game.

On this day in 1862 the Congressional Medal of Honor is established during the civil war to award bravery in the field of battle above that which is required. Since then 3,400 men and women have been awarded with it. It is our nations highest honor for on-field valor. Forrest Gump won his for saving Bubba, Lt Dan, Cleveland from Detroit, Dallas from Phoenix, and Tex.

On this day in 1962 the Rolling Stones performed their first concert at the Marquee Club in London. Keith Richards doesn't remember.

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