Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who shot the deputy? Ask Bob Marley.

September 14th
On this day in 1974 Eric Clapton's rendition of Bob Marley's "I shot the Sheriff" hit #1 on the pop charts. It was common practice for Englishmen to take what they wanted and make a profit off of it, Clapton had done it for years with the blues. I guess the world wasn't ready for a song about a black man killing a cop. That would come about 15 years later.

On this day in 1982 Princess Grace of Monaco, also known as the actress Grace Kelly, died as a result of injuries suffered when her car fell off a cliff near Monte Carlo. She had given up her acting career after she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Kelly had won an Oscar for The Country Girl. Yeah, she was a hotty!

On this day in 1847 the American army lead by General Winfield Scott captures Mexico City during the Mexican American war. Officially a war over the annexation of Texas, it was actually a war of westward expansion, and as a result of the United States' military superiority, half of Mexico came under our control.

On this day in 1901 President William McKinley succumbs to his wounds received 8 days earlier from an assassin. He had shown signs of improvement just days before, but an undetected infection in his abdomen finally did him in. Modern medicine would have saved his life, but they didn't even have the internet back then. Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in as president subsequently.

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