Thursday, September 1, 2011

Poland, it's all about location

September 1st
On this day in 1939 Germany invades Poland on the accusation that Poland posed a threat to the German way of life. Really it was Adolf Hitler trying to regain lost territory from WWI. He saw that the rest of Europe stood back while he reclaimed Alsace and Lorraine from France, and then saw how they reacted when he invaded Czechoslovakia. France and Great Britain wanted to avoid another drawn out conflict, so they thought giving Hitler a little bit to avoid losing a lot was the way to go.

On this day in 1983 Korean Air flight 007 was shot down by Soviet fighter jets when it flew off course. The flight was on it's last leg from New York to Seoul after a stopover in Anchorage, Alaska when it somehow flew into Soviet airspace. Without knowing it, the pilots had strayed over a top secret Soviet army base. When communication attempts between the Soviet fighters and the airliner failed the plane was shot down killing all 269 aboard.

On this day in 2007 Into the Wild made its debut at a film festival in Colorado. Sean Penn co-wrote and directed the film about the real life experience of Chris McCandless. Mcandless was a young man who had just graduated college when he decided to give up all his money and possessions and explore this country. He ended up in Alaska where he lived off of the land for some time before the elements finally killed him. The soundtrack was done entirely by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame. Why mention this? I like the film, and I REALLY like the soundtrack. Check it out!

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