Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall in to the Gap.

September 26th
On this day in 1969 the Brady Bunch made its debut on ABC. Some may think of me as old, but I wasn't old enough to see this show in its first run, but I saw several episodes as re-runs. The 70's were a strange time. I found out who Davey Jones and Joe Nammath were by watching this show. The significance of this? Not much.

On this day in 1957 the musical West Side Story made its debut on Broadway. Jets and Sharks. Sharks and Jets. A Jet falls in love with the sister of a Shark. Lots of dancing ensues and in the middle of boys twirling and leaping about two guys get stabbed. I was told that I passed "Fag 101" by one of my gay friends for knowing more than four songs from this musical and for somehow matching my socks to my shirt one day at work. I owe it all to Gap commercials.

On this day in 1580 Sir Francis Drake completed his circumnavigation of the world by returning to Plymouth, England. His ship, Golden Hind set sail with four other ships 3 years prior on a mission of piracy against the Spanish. He succeeded in killing most of the members of his expedition and returning with just his flagship. But he did capture a Spanish treasure ship filled with rich stuff. The English could thumb their noses at the Spanish because the captain of their ship didn't die on his voyage around the world. Suck it Magellan!

On this day in 1960 the first presidential debate to be televised aired across the nation. It pitted John Kennedy against vice president Richard Milhous Nixon. Kennedy came across as cool, calm and collected. A really charming guy. The sweaty Nixon appeared stuffy and nervous in front of the camera, refusing to wear make up like that sissy Kennedy. Who's he think he is, Ronald Reagan?

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