Wednesday, September 21, 2011


September 21st
On this day in 1780 Benedict Arnold meets with British Major General John Andre to discuss the handing over of West Point and his name will become synonymous with treason. Arnold was a general during the American Revolution and served with distinction in the battles of Fort Ticonderoga, Saratoga, and the unsuccessful attack on Fort Quebec. But other men would take credit for his work in each of those campaigns. As the war dragged on, Arnold saw at least 5 men below him get a coveted promotion. He decided his services would be better served elsewhere.

On this day in 1897 the New York Sun published an editorial that began "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus". When Dr. Philip O'hanlon was asked by his 8 year old daughter, Virginia, if Santa Claus was real he suggested she write the newspaper. This gave editor Francis Church the opportunity to explore the philosophical side of the question and became part of Christmas folklore.

On this day in 1980 Bob Marley collapsed while running in New York's Central Park. He was taken to a nearby hospital and diagnosed with cancer. Two nights later he performed live for the last time at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

On this day in 1989 the Bangles confirmed the rumors that the band had broken up. During the 80's they had a few hits, but the legitimacy of an all-girl "punk" rock band was seen as prefabricated by most fans. Just like the Go-Go's, the Bangles ultimately ended their run due to in fighting of who would control the direction of the band. Susana Hoffs got the lions share of the attention even though song writing and lead vocals were evenly distributed amongst all band members.

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