Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unofficial Independence Day!

September 3rd
On this day in 1783 the Treaty of Paris is signed by representatives of the United States and Great Britain officially ending the Revolutionary war and acknowledging the existence of the new nation. After 9 long years of war and several setbacks, the British had enough of their upstart colonies. Their main army had surrendered 2 years prior, yet several skirmishes continued throughout the colonies. Benjamin Franklin was on hand and was able to secure enough new territory from the British to double the size of the country.

On this day in 1777 the "Stars and Stripes" flag flew for the first time in battle at Cooch's Bridge, Delaware. Before this there was great debate over which flag would represent the United States during the revolution. 3 months prior the Continental Congress adopted the design as the official flag, but it took a while for it to be brought to a battle field.

On this day in 1977 Sadaharu Oh hits his 756th home run breaking Hank Aaron's professional record. Oh played in the Japanese pro league, and with the stigma hanging over Barry Bonds is widely regarded as the home run king. He ended his career with 868 home runs, still a professional record.

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