Sunday, October 30, 2011

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October 27th
On this day in 1904 the New York City Subway opened for the first time. Why is this event significant? Was it the first subway in the world? No, that honor goes to London. Was it the oldest in the US? Nope, that's in Boston. Then why is this significant? Duh, it's what the restaurant Subway is named after! Why would the History channel page put this as the most significant event? Why do New Yorkers think that they are better than everyone else? I don't know. I guess I never will.

On this day in 2006 the last Ford Taurus rolled off the assembly line in Hapeville, Georgia. It was bought by the 85-year old founder of Chic-Fil-A. This is what you give me to work with today? Really History Channel? Make something up! This is boring! This is stupid! How am I supposed to write a blog when this is all that give me, an insignificant milestone by a conceited city and an even more insignificant car being bought by some chicken geezer. And you guys wonder why I'm getting tired of writing this thing.

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