Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grab a geezer by the head and call him macaroni.

October 11th
On this day in 1975 Saturday Night Live made its debut on NBC. Originally called just Saturday Night because ABC had a show called Saturday Night Live with Howard Cossell , which is why every episode starts out "Live from New York it's Saturday Night!". The cast was actors raided from the Second City sketch comedy team (sorry Harold Ramus, you didn't make the cut) and other up and coming comics and was the brainchild of Lorne Michaels.

On this day in 1954 the Viet Minh take control of Hanoi and the rest of North Vietnam after 13 years of fighting against French colonial rule. It would be another 20 years of fighting before they would rid themselves of foreign interference. Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the political front that wished to be independent and wanted to model his constitution after that of the United States, his ally during WWII. But when that war ended they turned their collective backs on Vietnamese independence from France.

On this day in 1809 Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition is found shot to death in a cabin in rural Tennessee. History tells the tale of a desperate man driven to suicide, but there is some evidence that points to murder, namely the fact that after two pistol shots Lewis survived his wounds initially and called for help from the home owner who did nothing to aid his wounds.

On this day in 2003 during the American League Championship series between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox a brawl broke out after each teams starting pitchers threw balls at opposing batters. During the brawl the Yankees 73 year old bench coach Don Zimmer charged Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez. Martinez simply stepped out of his path, grabbed the old geezer by the head, and threw him to the ground. The Yankees would go on to win the series and lose to my Florida Marlins in the World Series.

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