Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let the goat eat your damn hot dog!

October 6th
On this day in 1981 Egyptian presient Anwar al-Sadat is assassinated in Cairo. Sadat was reviewing the Egyptian army when Islamic extremists dressed as soldiers broke formation and fired shots and threw grenades at the President and other government officials. Sadat died 2 hours later. The terrorists responsible were upset with the peace treaty signed with Israel two years prior. Violence in the Middle-East? Shocking!

On this day in 1966 lysergic acid diethylamide is declared illegal by the US government. More commonly known as LSD, or acid, this drug know for its psychological effects became popular amongst the 1960's counter culture. Created/discovered by some dude named Albert Hoffman in 1938 from a fungus found on rye, it started out as an alternative medicine for the mentally impaired. Leave it to those damn kids to take something innocent and ruin it for the rest of us.

On this day in 1945 during game 4 of the World Series Billy Sianis and his pet goat are ejected from Wrigley Field, after fans complained that the goat was eating their hot dogs. He was quoted as saying "Them Cubs, they aren't gonna win no more!", which Cubs fans interpret as meaning they will not win a world series in Wrigley Field. They were up 2 games to 1 in that series against the Tigers when the incident happened, they ended up losing the game and then the series. The Cubs haven't been to a World Series since.

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