Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chariot of the gods!

October 16th
On this day in 1958 (and yes this is the highlight of the last century, suck it moon landing) Chevrolet introduces the El Camino. Is it a car? Is it a truck? Your guess is as good as mine, but if it's anything, it is awesome. Built onto the chassis of an Impala, it didn't catch on at first (ya think?). But the Chevy brain trust decided to get their shit together and put in a larger engine (evidence that it's a truck), it now was able to be classified as a muscle car (evidence that it's a car). The advertising slogan: "It rides and handles like a convertible, yet hauls and hustles like the workingest thing on wheels". Is that even a real word? Not according to spell check.

On this day in 1793 Marie Antoinette got her just desserts (I crack myself up) and was executed by guillotine. Yet another victim of the French Revolution, Antoinette symbolized aristocratic decadence. When she and her husband, Loius XVI, tried to escape to Austria they were captured. Both were convicted of high treason. Once the French monarchy was abolished in 1792 there was really no reason to keep Antoinette alive, less she inspire some pastry chef uprising, so they held a public execution.

On this day in 1987 after a 58 hour ordeal 18 month Baby Jessica is rescued from an abandoned well in Midland, Texas. She fell 20 feet down the well which was located by a daycare run by her neglectful aunt. As rescue workers tried to save the toddler television stations from around the country descended on the scene. After digging an access tunnel parallel to the well, rescuers were able to reach Jessica. Hooray!

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  1. Isn't it; "Throw the baby out with the well water?"
    El Caminos rule, I always thought it'd be awesome to convert the bed of it into a jacuzzi. Part Truck, part car, and now, part spa.