Saturday, June 4, 2011

What rhymes with orange? Door hinge kind a does.

June 4th
On this day in 1942 the Battle of Midway occurred. This battle was for control over the Pacific Ocean during WWII. Everything "hinged" on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, interestingly enough called Midway island. The Japanese failed to destroy any aircraft carriers during their attack on Pearl harbor and it was their intent to finish the job. But the United States had broken the Japanese naval code and knew of their plans to surprise the US fleet. After a four day battle the US did lose one aircraft carrier, but also sunk 4 Japanese carriers and shot down 292 aircraft. The Japanese would be on the defensive the rest of the war as a result.
Last year on this day seven year old Kyron Horman went missing from his school in Portland, Oregon. I was in Portland the day after he went missing and it was very sad to see all over the media. He still hasn't been found, but his parents are now divorced and the finger has been pointed at his step-mother, the last person to see him alive. I'm not sure what to believe, but it's a very sad day when a second grader gets murdered and dumped for some stupid "adult".

On this day in 1973 a patent is granted for the Automatic Teller Machine, or ATM. Why go inside a bank and wait in line to get your cash, you can now wait in line outside! Maybe even get robbed or have you identity stolen! Yay progress!

On this day in 1976 in Manchester, England the Sex Pistols performed in front of about 50 people. The performance wasn't the important thing that occurred on this day, but who was in the crowd. Two founding members of the band the Buzzcocks persuaded the Sex Pistols to perform the concert, and would go on to have a successful career in their own right. Three members of Joy Division would buy instruments the next day and start the band that would ignite the "New Wave". Steven Patrick Morrissey was in attendance, he would go on to fame using just his last name with his band the Smiths and a long solo career of music to kill yourself to. Many other people would claim to have been at the show to launch the punk scene of the 1970's, but it becomes harder and harder to believe almost 40 years later with such a small crowd actually there.

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