Saturday, June 25, 2011

Into the great blue!

June 25th
On this day in 1997 Jacques Cousteau died at the age of 87. Cousteau brought the depths of the ocean into the living rooms of millions and showed a great passion for sea life. I remember seeing many a nature program featuring his French accent. A sad day indeed.

On this day in 1876 the battle of Little Big Horn happened. Native American warriors lead by Co-Chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse annihilated the 200 men serving under Lieutenant Colonel George Custer. Custer was seeking glory in the shrinking frontier and thought a win in a large battle against the Sioux nation was the ticket to fame. As it turns out, he got the fame he was seeking.

On this day in 2009 the king of pop died at age 50. Michael Jackson died in his mansion in California from an apparent overdose of prescription pills right before he was to begin a long string of shows in London. Much like Elvis, Jackson's later life was full of controversy and scrutiny before an untimely death. I don't suppose we'll get Michael Jackson fake-death conspiracies or sightings any time soon, will we?

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  1. It's odd how an untimely death of someone can save them. When I make the MJ/Kmart joke about 'little boys pants half off', it just doesn't have the same ring to it.

    I did see his movie 'This is it' and it would've been an amazing tour. He was an amazing performer.