Sunday, June 19, 2011

Run OJ! Run!

June 17th

On this day in 1994 OJ Simpson lead police on the most famous low speed chase in history. With a gun to his head and his friend Al Cowlings at the wheel OJ lead police through the greater Los Angeles on one strange trip. He was talked out killing himself by the police and told them he wanted to see his mother before turning himself in. All telltale signs of innocence.
On this day in 1972 Forrest Gump made a fateful phone call that ended up with the arrest of men burglarizing the Democratic National Committee. They were caught with burglary tools and bugging equipment. The conspiracy went all the way up to the president and lead to Richard Nixon resigning.

On this day in 1989 the New Kids on the Block topped the charts with "I'll be loving you forever", yet another sign of the apocalypse.

On this day in 1775 the Battle of Bunker Hill occurs in Boston. The soon to be American army held the high ground atop the hill and the British under General William Howe went up the hill to remove them. Although the battle would be won by the British, it would be at a high cost. It lead the British to believe they were not going to be fighting a rag-tag army after all.

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