Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No! Not THAT kind of docking!

June 29th
On this day in 1995 some 225 miles above the earth the space shuttle Atlantis docked with the Russian space station Mir. This was the final step to unify the former rivals in the space race. Both countries came out of the cold war with a desire to share their knowledge of space exploration. Yay progress!

On this day in 1985 the Go Go's broke up. The most important all-female rock group of the 80's (suck on that Bangles) got too big for their own good. Belinda Carlisle wound up listening to the record people who said she would be more successful without the baggage. She started out pretty good putting together a few hits, but the finicky public wanted younger pop stars like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.

On this day in 1972 the Supreme Court of the United States rules that the death penalty falls under cruel and unusual punishment. Many states have since overturned this ruling, which was a bit far reaching to say the least. Many victims of crimes want justice, and when a family member is killed sometimes the only justice is an eye for an eye.

On this day in 1613 the original Globe Theater in London burned down. Shakespeare debuted many of his plays here after his theater company built it 14 years prior. Having his theater in the heart of the city help popularize his work throughout England, and throughout Europe.


  1. Megadeth/Go Go's tie-in.
    Belinda and Dave Mustaine had a 'blind date'.
    Belinda knocks on the door, Dave answers and simply blows a bong load of smoke in her face, Belinda leaves, date over.
    What a gentleman....then he insulted me some 15 years later.

  2. Like I've said all along, the insult is much better than if he would have sheepishly agreed with you, or worse, ignored you. Seeing as he is kind of a dick, I'd take that and run with it!