Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drink apple juice, 'cause Oj will kill you.

June 12th
On this day in 1994 Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson were murdered in Brentwood, California. Mrs. Simpson, the ex-wife of OJ Simpson, went to dinner the night she was killed and had forgotten her glasses at the restaurant. Ron Goldman was a waiter at that restaurant, and her friend, so he decided to return the glasses to her, and was killed for his efforts. OJ became the prime suspect because of his prior domestic violence against his ex-wife and the mountain of evidence pointing to him being the killer. He's dedicated his life to finding the real killer. Maybe look in the mirror buddy.
On this day in 1987 president Ronald Reagan gave a famous speech in Berlin asking Mikhail Gorbachev to "Tear down this wall.", referring to the Berlin Wall. This was part of the thawing of the Cold War and lead directly to the wall being taken down 2 years later.

On this day in 1963 civil rights leader Medgar Evers was killed in his driveway by Byron De La Beckwith. Had he survived the 1960's, Evers would have his name alongside Martin Luther King and Rev. Jesse James, but was killed before many of the results of the civil rights movement could be finished. De La Beckwith was tried 3 times for the murder of Evers and was only convicted 31 years after the murder when new evidence of corruption and conspiracy were found in his first two trials.
On this day in 1942 Anne Frank received the diary that would make her famous. She would move into hiding with her family about a month later and document her hardship nearly every day. Her diary was published after her death at the hands of the Nazi's in an internment camp and sent around the world.

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