Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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November 10th
On this day in 1969 Sesame Street made its debut on public television. Set in a fictional New York neighborhood, the show offers a positive social message from a diverse cast with songs and short segments to keep the attention of younger viewers. If you were to ask 20 people what their favorite character from the show you'd probably get a variety of answers, but I'm sure no one would say they hated the show. And if they did then they are clearly a douche bag who doesn't know how to read. For the record I like Kermit the Frog.

On this day in 1975 the cargo ship Edmond Fitzgerald sinks in Lake Superior during a strong storm. It was one of the largest ships operating on the great lakes and had been through several big storms before. It began taking on water, which along with its heavy cargo was too much and the ship sank, taking with it all 29 crew members. The sinking inspired Gordon Lightfoot to write a song.

On this day in 1775 the Continental Congress authorizes the building of two battalions of landing crews to help their army in seaborne attacks against the British. Thus the Marines were born, very proud of the fact that they are older than the United States itself. Since then they have distinguished themselves in all of Americas major wars and engagements and over 200,000 men and women proudly serve our country today. They are usually the first to participate in a battle, a fact that they pride themselves on.

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