Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Their horn whistles Dixie

November 11th
On this day in 1918 WWI officially ends with the Germans signing a treaty of peace aboard a railroad car in France. The terms made by the Allies were meant to humiliate the Germans after they had lost the war to end all wars. This was done even though the Germans hadn't started the war and had actually done more militarily than any of the allies. But the toll taken on the home front caused the government to sue for peace. Turns out that the Germans didn't like being humiliated very much and they came back with a vengeance twenty years later.

On this day in 1978 a stuntman on the set of the Dukes of Hazard jumps his 1969 Dodge Charger over a police car. The jump totaled the car, known as the General Lee, but was featured at the beginning of every episode of the show. I never really got the premise of an orange car that had no doors and a confederate flag on its roof. Further confusing me was the Duke brothers lust for their cousin Daisy. So that's how it is in that family.

On this day in 1831 Nat Turner was executed for leading the largest slave revolt in US history. He and 75 followers spread death and destruction across Southampton county, Virginia, killing 60 whites. The local militia was raised and suppressed the rebellion. Turner was interrogated and confessed without regret for what he had done. A series of lynching of innocent slaves was done in reprisal of the revolt, and new laws were put into effect that would punish the movement, assembly, or education of slaves.

On this day in 1994 teenage girls across the country got their wish when the Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt led cast of Interview with a Vampire made their debut. Heck, they even got Christian Slater as a consolation prize. In this movie the Vampires didn't shine in the sun, they died.

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