Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Louvre you!

November 8th
On this day in 1793 the Louvre museum is opened in Paris, France. It had been a royal palace for two centuries, but aristocrats were out of style at the time, so it was converted into a museum. Now it houses some of the finest pieces of art the world has ever know, including the "Mona Lisa". Much of the early art in the museum was plunder taken during the French Revolution, and later during Napoleon's campaigns across Europe.

On this day in 1923 the Beer Hall Putsch began. This was the first attempt by Adolf Hitler to seize power in post war Germany. The German government had been complying with the sanctions, but this was unsatisfactory to little Adolf. He blamed all of his miseries on the Jews and spread his word to anyone who would listen. The German government didn't take to kindly people trying to overthrow them, and they arrested Hitler and his colleagues. He would take his revenge on the world.

On this day in 1895 Wilhelm Rontgen discovered X-rays while experimenting with the scientific properties of cathode rays. X-rays are similar to light waves, but are 1000 times shorter, so they are on a different spectrum. Rontgen experimented with his discovery and found that X-rays penetrated skin, but not harder substances like bone, so they were able to be photographed. The first medical use occurred in 1897 when X-rays were used to find bullets in soldiers that had been wounded in battle.

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