Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I can quit any time I want!

Hello, my name is Rob and I'm addicted to eBay.
Hey! It's better than needle drugs!
It all started shortly after I got out of high school. I had a disposable income, a steady job and no girlfriend. The significance of a significant other (or lack there of) is that I had plenty of free time to spend my money on stuff that I didn't need. So I started buying this stuff. It started out innocent enough, a cd here, a VHS there. But it wasn't until I discovered records that I became hooked. They just appeal to me. Not in the hipster "they sound better, therefore I'm cooler than you" kind of way. I have an extensive cd collection that I don't listen to, so that isn't it. The best way I can put it is that I like the feeling of owning something historic. I'm instantly drawn to the limited amounts of certain releases. I love color vinyl also.  Once I met my significant other I put my addiction on the back burner for a long time. No more disposable income. I had to buy things like flowers, presents, and dinners. The focus was no longer on me. I even sold much of the stuff that I had originally bought. This included my Nirvana collection. I went around telling people that I lost a bit of my soul, and I meant it. The desire to order crap off of eBay faded away because I couldn't afford to buy anything. This all changed when I got my current job. By then I was married, so I had a little bit more leeway with my money (she can be a free spender, why can't I?). I first sought out getting back the missing piece of my soul. As of today I'm just one record away from doing so, and I'm happy to say it's neither an expensive piece, nor hard to find. If I would have stuck to just this plan it wouldn't have turned into a relapse. But I'm a weak person, and I'm trying to fill a bit of a hole in my life, so I started to buy other records. Now I have a pretty nice collection of records, if I do say so myself. I'll put it on here to show it off if I get the time. Ok, fine, here's a sneak peak of some of my favorites in my collection:

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