Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't shoot the damn dog

August 22nd
On this day in 1992 the incident at Ruby Ridge occurred on the second day of a standoff at white separatist Randy Weaver's property. The FBI and ATF were watching Weaver because he allegedly sold illegal firearms. When one of the agents shot Weaver's dog, which caused a shoot out between agents and Weaver where his 14 year old son was killed. When Weaver barricaded himself in the family home a sharpshooter killed his wife. This incident along with Waco, would inspire the Oklahoma City bombing.

On this day in 565 St Columba reports seeing a "water beast" that had attacked a swimmer and pull him beneath the waters of Loch Ness. This is the earliest report of a "monster" at the Scottish Loch. Columba was an Irish monk staying in Scotland when he came across the beast again attacking one of his companions. St Columba pulled out his cross and commanded the beast to halt and go back to for which it came. It promptly reversed course.

On this day in 1642 King Charles I calls the English Parliament traitors to the crown, a volley that officially starts the English Civil War. Charles disagreed with some of the policies issued by Parliament, and Parliament was suspicious of some of Charles' intentions, namely his marriage to a French princess and his desire to unite Scotland, England and Ireland into one nation. Charles and his supporters would end up losing the war, and Charles was executed.

On this day in 1962 the Kennedy administration admits a stalemate in Vietnam. Despite numerous victorious skirmishes, the Viet Cong only grew stronger in their resistance, and there was nothing to suggest anything different in the future. Had the war department pulled out then it would save thousands of lives on both sides and billions of dollars. Instead the undeclared war would go on for another 12 years.

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